Ours is the only online advertising portal dedicated to properties in Minerva and Jupiter. 

We bought the domain names www.minervaapartments.com and www.minervapartments.co.uk in 2003 after buying our first studio in Minerva. Since then, we have used the sites to advertise our studios and those of friends and family. We soon realised how valuable these websites were when the enquiries came flooding in. In fact, almost 70% of our rental business came from enquiries through these 2 sites - more than Holidaylettings, Owners Direct, TripAdvisor and HomeAway - and without all the hassle. Believe me, we know - we spent a fortune over the years paying for ads with all those sites. 



Minerva and Jupiter are such well-known and well-loved urbanisations that if potential customers type ´Minerva apartment Benalmadena´ or anything similar into any of the top search engines, our website always comes up within the first few listings (after the subscription adverts):

5th on Yahoo
4th on Google
4th on DogPile
2nd on DuckDuckGo
1st on Bing! and Yippy

Have a go for yourself! It´s pretty impressive. And as we all know, people rarely move on from Page One of a search engine.


Although most of these sites are now commission-only, they can work out more expensive for both the holiday maker and the owner with the fees that they charge. And...they don't allow you direct contact with your client - all correspondance must go through their websites.

New regulations have made short term rentals in Spain far more complicated and restrictive. As of 2018, all the 'collaborative platforms' that process payments on behalf of owners like AirBnb, HomeAway, Owners Direct, TripAdvisor etc have to be more transparent. They now have to make quarterly declarations to Hacienda (Spanish Inland Revenue) giving details of all payments made to individual property owners. It's Hacienda's way of checking what income tax is being paid (or not!) by property owners.

As it stands, owners cannot advertise their property on these sites without providing a valid registration number. Soon these sites will be asking for more personal details so they can file the quarterly declaration (Modelo 790). If the figures they provide to Hacienda don't match with what owners themselves declare, there could be large fines to pay!

We load your personal webpage with details of your apartment´s facilities, photos (as many as you like), a video, pricing & special offers. At the top of the page will be your or your representative´s contact details for potential clients to contact you or them directly. 
Annual subscription is £125.00 UK Pounds per advert with your contact details displayed.
This provides excellent value for money being listed on the top private website that is exclusive to Minerva/Jupiter apartments.
It receives thousands of hits and always features in the first 5 listings on the world´s most used search engines. Other private or established letting agents can´t offer your property this kind of online exposure and it´s certainly a lot less hassle than advertising with the big boys - HomeAway, TripAdvisor, Holiday Lettings and Owners Direct.
To find out more about advertising on this platform contact us on nicpound@hotmail.co.uk